5 Ways to Stay Healthful and Rejuvenated this Holiday Season

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Between the busy days, gift buying, parties, events, and family gatherings, you may find yourself not only stressed but run-down and feeling unhealthy. Do not fret, we have 5 sure-fire tips that will help you to stay healthful and feel rejuvenated this holiday season.

  1. Make realistic dieting goals. We know how hard it is to go to holiday parties or gatherings and pass up all of the sweets and yummy foods. Instead of depriving yourself, set a goal that is achievable. If you tell yourself you can have a little of something instead of none, it will be a lot easier to achieve your dieting goals throughout the holiday season.
  2. Get plenty of Vitamin D. While Vitamin D comes naturally through the sun’s rays, the winter months and countless dreary days can wreak havoc on us. Vitamin D helps improve mood, promotes relaxation, and helps keep you healthy. Try foods and drinks that are high in Vitamin D, like orange juice. Or introduce a Vitamin D supplement into your daily routine.
  3. Get plenty of sleep. During the holidays, it is very easy to slip out of normal routines. Diets go to the wayside, and busy schedules make for less sleep than one is usually accustomed to. If you normally get 8 hours of sleep, try to keep the consistency. At a minimum, only reduce your sleep by an hour, so the shock is not as great to your body.
  4. Eat Superfoods! Superfoods like apples, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and cranberries are not only low in calories, but will provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients that you might normally be missing in some of the traditional holiday dishes.|
  5. Try not to stress. Even though this is easier said than done, there are ways to reduce stress and help balance an otherwise hectic time of the year. Consider taking a yoga class or reading a book. This will help take your mind away from thinking about all of the lists and schedules, even if it is only for an hour or two.