Refreshing Fall Foods for Beauty & Health

Fall means back to school, chilly nights, bonfires, and pumpkin spice everything. But do you know which fall foods are both refreshing and great for your health?

Here are the top 5 food choices this fall season!

  • Apples – Aside from pumpkins, apples are probably the most popular food during the fall season. Used in ciders, jams, and pies, the smell of anything apple brings memories of fall to most. Rich in antioxidants, apples are the perfect choice for a fall snack.
  • Pears – Just like apples, pears are another fruit that are great to snack on. Full of vitamin C, this sweet treat is great raw or baked. They are also high in fiber, containing 4 grams per serving, and very low in calories.
  • Winter Squash – Unlike summer squash, winter squash is sweeter and because of its thick skin, can keep for a while. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A and tastes great with other fall favorites like cinnamon. Try mashing them, in place of potatoes, and cut your calories significantly.
  • Brussel Sprouts – Brussel sprouts are a good source of iron and taste great roasted. We recommend roasting with a balsamic glaze and cranberries, which is another great food for fall!
  • Pumpkins – Of course we couldn’t forget the staple of fall – Pumpkins! Pumpkins are high in potassium and a great source of B vitamins. Aside from the traditional Halloween carving, pumpkins are perfect when roasted and then turned into a puree. You can use the puree for pancakes, pies, and so much more.

Happy Healthy Fall Snacking!