Fabulously Tasty (and Healthy!) Summer Grilling

Winter is gone and with it went the obligation to make your food indoors. Heat things up and add some spice to your dinner routine with some of these hot (and healthy!) summer grilling ideas:

  • Grilled Zucchini
    Not only is this incredibly easy to make, but due to tons of Vitamin A, potassium and folate, zucchini is chock-full of health benefits, including being great for eye health and weight loss! View recipe >
  • Firecracker Grilled Alaskan Salmon
    Plan for marinating time with this one, but it will definitely be worth the wait! This recipe not only provides some serious “oomph” for spice-lovers, but dishes up amazing health benefits! Salmon is a fantastic source of omega-3’s and protein, two critical components for a healthy metabolism, heart and brain. View recipe >
  • Grilled Okra and Tomato Skewers
    This recipe is perfect for this weekend’s cookout and will have your guests asking for more. Okra is a low-carb, vitamin-infused beauty. Studies have linked this vegetable to alleviating asthma, lowering cholesterol, and helping to manage diabetes.
    View recipe >