Your Guide to Summer-Ready Skin

Summer is the best time of year to show off smooth, sun-kissed skin. But after months of cold, dry weather, perfect summertime skin doesn’t happen overnight. Start getting your skin in summer shape now with some extra TLC.

Turn Heavy into Light
Summer and sweat go hand-in-hand, making your skin more prone to breakouts when beach-time weather hits. Lose your heavy winter moisturizers and cut back on multi-step product layering. Look for cleansers and moisturizers that will hydrate while also providing a breathable barrier to the skin: silicones, squalene and glycerin are your go-to ingredients. For makeup, look for products that can do some double duty on your skin, like BB creams that contain a moisturizer, foundation and SPF-in-one.

Get Sun-kissed… without the Sun
Nothing says summer more than a golden glow. But skip long sessions in the sun and treat yourself to an airbrush tan, the safest and most natural way to get bronzed skin. Be sure to prep skin before a spray tan by exfoliating and moisturizing all over.

Slough it Off!
Even if you’re not “in” for an airbrush tan, exfoliating your face and body should be part of your summertime routine to keep skin looking healthy and youthful. Use a brush, polishing cloth and/or gentle scrubs to achieve that head-to-toe glow-y look. Never exfoliate sunburned skin and always use sunscreen to protect new skin.

Hair be Gone
Bathing suit season calls for unwanted hair removal. If you’re spending extra time waxing, you’ll want to treat your skin to some extra love. Follicles are vulnerable to irritation and your skin may be extra sensitive after waxing, so give your skin at least 48 hours to before pitching your beach umbrella.

Let the Pros Help
More UV exposure means deeper wrinkles and extra brown spots. Many dermatologists suggest getting monthly spa treatments – think microdermabrasion facials – to achieve great summer skin. Nothing beats a professional facial for getting your skin extra clean and removing dead skin cells that clog pores and leave skin looking dull.

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