Transform Your Winter Skin

A change in the seasons means making small changes to your beauty routine. With the cool, dry air of winter, our skin needs a little extra TLC to be at its best. Try these tips for glowing skin all winter long!

  • Keep it cool.
    Although a long, hot shower might feel amazing on a cold day, it can seriously strip moisture from your hair and skin. Stick to a shorter warm or lukewarm shower instead to help protect against the dry, winter air.
  • Get Oily
    To help cure dry skin and lock in moisture, add a few drops of olive or grape seed oil to your bath, or apply lightly to affected areas after showering (in which case, you’ll probably want to wear older pajamas to bed).
  • Give your Feet Some TLC
    Our feet sure do take a beating in the winter. Regular pedicures can take care of callused feet and cracked heels. Or take care of them at home by exfoliating your feet with a pumice stone once a week. Follow that up with a thick lotion and cotton socks to seal in moisture.
  • Nailed It!
    The dry air of winter saps moisture out of your nails, leaving them more susceptible to breakage. Apply olive oil or a lotion containing lanolin to your nails before bed. Up the ante by wearing gloves to bed to help with absorption. A thin coat of clear nail polish can also help protect brittle nails.