Fall into a New Skincare Routine

A change in the seasons calls for changes to your skincare routine! Just because your jeans and sweaters cover your skin doesn’t mean that you can take a break on your skin care regimen. Proper care can mean the difference between healthy skin and dry, flaky skin. Prepare your skin for the Fall and Winter seasons with these tips from our spa professionals:

  • Switch Up Your Cleanser if Necessary
    While we can get away with lighter facial cleansers and moisturizers in the summer months due to our skin’s natural oils, you’ll want to be sure your Fall products aren’t drying out your skin just as the drier weather comes in. Choose hydrating products, opting for creamy products instead of gels.
  • Opt for a Gentler Scrub
    Face scrubs are amazing for exfoliating dull, dead skin cells – which is especially important in the colder months. Check out oil-based scrubs this time of year, which give you the extra benefit of hydration.
  • Moisturize Every Single Day
    You may have gotten away with not moisturizing daily in the Summer, but it’s a bad habit to carry into the Fall! Apply a moisturizer immediately after drying off following your shower or bath to seal in moisture.
  • Don’t Forget the Sunscreen
    The colder weather can trick us into thinking the sun is off duty until Spring, but not so fast! The sun is still hard at work, and can be just as damaging in the Fall and Winter! Continue using a moisturizer with at a minimum SPF 15, reapplying as necessary throughout the day.
  • Treat Your Feet
    Just because we’re no longer showing off our toes in sandals and flip-flops doesn’t mean we can forget about the feet for the next six months! Remember the feeling you have after a pedicure – how luxurious your feet feel, and how feminine YOU feel! You deserve that all year long! A simple at-home routine: use a foot scrub and keep it in your shower to slough off dead, dry skin. And treat yourself to a pedicure at least once a month!