Extend Your Summer Glow

That sun-kissed glow doesn’t have to go away with the summer sun! Whether you’re taking one last beach trip or just want to extend the life of your summer glow, keep your skin looking warm well into the Fall with these tips from our team!

  • Exfoliate your skin
    An exfoliating body treatment is a great way to slough off dry, dull skin. The removal of dead skin preps your skin’s base so you can continue to get a nice, even tan – whether you’re getting it directly from the sun or from an at-home self tanner. At home, try a body scrub, or check out our body treatments for an amazingly relaxing exfoliating experience.
  • Camouflage Cellulite
    Want to take your exfoliation up a notch? Visit Amenity Day Spa for our cellulite seaweed treatment which can dramatically improve your body tone. First, your entire body is exfoliated as a refreshing, aromatic body scrub is worked firmly but gently into your skin. Next, a cellulite activating crème is massaged into your skin to further stimulate circulation. Finally, a highly concentrated seaweed gel is applied. You’re then wrapped in blankets to lock in warmth as the nutrients penetrate your skin, promoting tonicity and firmness. At home, apply a mask of seaweed powder and water to areas of the skin you’d like to treat. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. Finish with a blast of cold water to areas treated.
  • Boost your Color
    A sunless tan helps to bring out muscle definition, giving you a healthy, toned look. Try an at-home tanning spray or lotion, or visit Amenity for airbrush tanning. Be sure your skin is exfoliated prior to application for best results.
  • Polish off your Look
    Top off your summer glow with a fresh manicure and pedicure. Strapped for time? A quick polish change will do in a pinch. Or visit us at the spa for a mani/pedi combo including a warm hand and foot soak in a softening bath, nail trimming, filing, buffing, cuticle maintenance and hydration, citrus hand and arm massage, and a perfect polish.