Massage: It’s Not Just for R&R Anymore

Feeling a bit guilty about treating yourself to a massage? Don’t. The benefits of massage go way beyond pampering and relaxation. New studies show massage helps with everything from stress relief to reduced inflammation – and a host of other oh-so-good-for-you benefits.

Consider booking a massage if you need to:

Counteract “Sit-itis.” The sitting we do all day long makes our backs ache, glutes weak and shoulders tense. Massage can help address postural weakness by restoring length to tight fascia tissue.

Take the sore out of your muscles. Vigorous exercise causes tiny tears in our muscle fibers, leading to an immune reaction in the body and inflammation. Massage helps counteract inflammation from soft tissue strains and sports injuries…and even boost cell recovery.

Relieve the blues. Human touch is critical to our mental health. Regular massage has been shown to soothe anxiety, relieve depression and brighten our mood by reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol and lowering blood pressure.

Get more zzzzzz’s. Nothing beats a massage for encouraging restful sleep. If you suffer from insomnia related to stress, scheduling a massage can be a great first step to help counterbalance short-term and chronic worries.

Boost your immunity. Research has linked massage to an increase in white blood cells, which our bodies need in full force to ward off disease and sickness. And the stress-reducing powers of massage come in handy when it comes to keeping you healthy too!

Beautify. Massage increases the body’s blood flow, which helps plump our skin and release toxins from our cells so more nutrients can get in and do their job.

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