Keep Holiday Stress in Check

The holidays bring lots of excitement and activity – and also, unfortunately, a lot of stress. Keep your calm this holiday season with these simple tips:<

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Just breathe. 
    Inhale for 4 counts, then exhale for 6. Repeat 6 times until you feel calm. When you experience these times of frustration. also try finding three positives about the situation. This helps condition your brain to look for the positive in any situation.

  • Step away from technology
    We know – it seems almost impossible. But the constant buzzing of cell phones and email alerts keeps in us a constant state of fight-or-flight, increasing our adrenaline and overall stress, especially in women. There’s no better time than the holidays to limit your tech time, because everyone else is celebrating with their families as well. You surely won’t miss too much, and you’ll enjoy being in the present.

  • Respect Your Limits
    Don’t push yourself to do too much. There is a natural tendency to want everything to be perfect for the holidays. but you need to steer clear of your breaking points. If you feel overwhelmed by your holiday tasks, give yourself some slack and let other responsibilities slide for a few weeks.

  • Manage Your Expectations
    In line with the tip above, know that your holiday is not going got be perfect. If you can accept that, you’ll find yourself carrying a much lighter burden and may even find that your stress disappears. And you actually might discover that that mindset actually *does* give you the perfect holiday, whatever that means to you.