Laser Hair Removal

Finally, there is a comfortable hair removal procedure for everyone! Whether you have fair, tanned, or dark skin, our laser hair removal system can eliminate the need for shaving, plucking, or waxing. It’s the fast and effective treatment you’ve been waiting for and its available right here at Amenity Day Spa.

We offer complimentary consultations with our highly trained laser technicians to discuss our treatments, pricing, and answer any questions you may have.

The number of sessions depends on the treatment you require and the condition of your skin. For hair removal, multiple treatments are required as the process if the most effective when the hair follicle is in the active growth process.

Schedule your consultation today! We’ll provide you with a recommendation for the best treatment plan and pricing based on your individual needs. We offer great package discounts!

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Enjoy permanent hair removal with our electrolysis treatments. Our method produces the most rapid and permanent results on the market, providing pinpoint precision to achieve your desired results. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with our certified electrologists.

15 minutes / $33

30 minutes / $60

45 minutes / $85

60 minutes / $105

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Get smooth, hair-free skin that lasts up to four weeks with our gently, yet effective waxing services. Our licensed technicians take the utmost care to provide an extremely comfortable experience, leaving behind only smooth, soft skin.

Lip / $18

Chin / $20

Brow Shaping / $23

Lip and Brow / $35

Sideburns / $20

Neck / $15

Full Face / $55

Underarms / $30

Forearms and Hands / $35

Full Arms and Hands / $55+

Back or Chest / $65+

Half Leg (upper or lower) / $50

Half Leg and Bikini / $80

Full Leg / $75

Full Leg and Bikini / $100

Bikini / $40

L.A. Bikini Strip / $55

Brazilian Bikini / $70+

Lip and Chin / $32

Tummy / $18

Toes / $18

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Threading is an ancient way to remove hair that sprung from Egypt and India. Great for people with ‘trouble’ brows. The use of thread gives the technician precision to expertly shape the brow hair by hair, without disturbing the skin. Great for people with sensitive skin, or using products or taking medication that can leave the skin too sensitive to wax.

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