Experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our massage treatments, customized to your individual needs. Our nationally certified massage therapists utilize a variety of techniques to soothe and invigorate your skin, while banishing stress.

This traditional muscle massage applies light to medium pressure while using a custom blend of natural oils.

30 min – $60
45 min – $80
60 min – $100
75 min – $115
90 min – $135


Excellent for guests with chronic pain or recent body trauma, your therapist will penetrate the muscles and joints at a deeper level for a longer-lasting effect.

30 min – $70
45 min – $90
60 min – $110
75 min – $125
90 min – $150

Choose your essence for this gentle, nurturing treatment using the highest quality essential oils with natural, pure and relaxing aromas. *Not recommended for expectant mothers.

30 min – $70
45 min – $90
60 min – $110
75 min – $125
90 min – $150

Heated basalt stones “melt” through stiff muscles, providing a deeper dimension of relaxation, health and spiritual well-being.

60 min – $120
75 min – $140
90 min – $160

Reduce tension in the lower back, neck and shoulders. We use a specialty lotion to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and nourish the skin. *Note: for medical reasons, it is recommended that you not receive a massage until you are in your second trimester of pregnancy, or at least 14 weeks.

30 min – $65
45 min – $85
60 min – $105
75 min – $120

Recommended for both young and mature women, this oil is specifically blended with the calming and relaxing aromas of uplifting essential oils; Great for hormonal imbalances.

60 min – $120

This massage is perfect for active individuals. Techniques are selected to suit client preferences and needs but are more vigorous than other massages and may include rocking, compression, and kneading. Assisted stretching is offered. Rejuvenates tired muscles and may enhance athletic performance. Incorporate the therapeutic grade essential oils, for the ideal post work out cool down. Perfect for tired and sore muscles.

45 min – $105
60 min – $125
75 min – $145

A luxurious two-hour head to toe treatment with nutritious scented oils utilizing lomi-lomi, reflexology, scalp and face massage, and ending in full-body coverage with steaming towels.

Price – $200

Experience the luxury and thrill of having two certified massage therapists work your body from head to toe!

Price – $180

Relax while we transport you to a tropical paradise with this citrus fruit massage that focuses on your head, back and feet, using relaxation and reflexology techniques.

30 min – $65
45 min – $85

This warm peppermint lower leg and foot massage includes natural exfoliation utilizing pure peppermint oil and aromatic sea salts.

30 min – $55

This Massage Escape changes due to products that are available from the spa’s seasonal harvest. Each escape is a 75 minute treatment which includes natural products fresh from our farms. A rejuvenating body scrub, followed by a relaxing bath, and finished with a massage.

Individual – $170.00
Couples – $350.00

Our most requested service. Enter a world of luxury in our Belize Couples Suite. Relax on a bed of rose petals for your Champagne and Rose Sea Salt Scrub with soothing steamed towels, then retreat and rinse off in our tranquil Rainfall Shower. You’ll then enjoy our Signature Massage with fragrant aphrodisiac Red Rose Aromatherapy.

Individual – $135.00
Couples – $280.00

A delicious, fragrant fall massage. Experience the benefits in our proprietary Pumpkin Spice Blend including mood boosting Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove which naturally fight emotional, physical and mental fatigue, and increase circulation. Relax during your signature massage, including scalp and neck, followed by Pumpkin Spice foot masque with rich skin smoothing and hydrating qualities and Reflexology.

Individual – $160.00
Couples – $330.00

Escape to the tropics in this 60 minute service that will melt your cares away, with the island scents of our special Coconut Lime essential oil blend. This treatment includes our Signature Aromatherapy Massage, with a special warm fruit essential oil blend of coconut lime to boost mood, energy, and immune system. Enjoy an additional hand, neck, shoulder and foot massage while indulging in a rich warm Coconut Lime Soufflé hydrating foot massage and treatment.

Individual – $130.00
Couples – $270.00

Chocolate….the ultimate indulgence! Enjoy a glass of Champagne by the fire in our Relaxation room, then enter our Romantic Couples Suite. Your combination treatment begins with dry brush exfoliation to increase circulation. Next, get wrapped in a warm cocoon of anit-oxidant rich, hydrating, and moisturizing, Chocolate and Strawberry Body Masque. While wrapped in luxury enjoy a relaxing therapeutic foot massage. Rinse off in our romantic Rainfall Shower, and then begin your signature full body massage. This Body Treatment/Massage Combination is the sweetest way to treat yourself, or share an escape with your love.

Individual – $200.00
Couple – $410.00

Beginning with a soothing essential oil and sea salt infused steamed towels, this natural and ancient healing technique increases circulation by stimulating pressure points on the hands and feet. A perfect add-on for a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.

45 min – $85

This tension-relief massage combines Swedish and pressure point therapy, focusing on your scalp, shoulders and face.

30 min – $65

Achieve a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair with this deep conditioning treatment using aroma therapeutic oils specially blended to treat each and every hair type.

30 min – $65

75 minutes with your favorite massage therapist instructing you and your partner in massage techniques that you can use at home with each other. Both you and your partner will first receive some basic information, and then will receive hands on instruction as you massage your partner for 30 minutes. You and your partner will then switch for the following 30 minutes of massage. Instruction can be given in the following massage techniques; Aromatherapy, Swedish Stress Reducing, Deep Tissue or Sports.

Price – $150

CEL-LITE MAGIC – A blend of essential oils to help detox and improve skin texture – $20

DEEP RELAXATION – A blend of essential oils that stimulate the senses and promotes deep relaxation – $20

DRAGON TIME – Great for hormonal imbalances – $10





COUPLES HYDROTHERAPY SOAK – As an add-on to any of the above services, our Champagne Couples Bath in our soaking Jacuzzi, is the perfect end to your service. Choose Milk and Honey, Coconut Lime, Rose Petal, or Bubble Bath.
Individual – $35
Couples – $70