Herbology Stone Manicure

This specialty experience begins with a citrus fruit oil massage over your hands and arms. Next, Chinese herbs are sprinkled on to gently exfoliate. The herbs will melt away when citrus lotion is applied. Finish with warm, smooth stones that will deeply massage overworked muscles.

45 minutes / $50

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Spa Manicure

This is the manicure that does it all! This refreshing experience will leave your hands and arms in top condition. A hydrating and exfoliating two-step citrus glow is followed by a peppermint mask up to the elbow. The warm, steamed aromatic towels will leave you in a state of complete tranquility.

45 minutes / $40

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Signature Manicure

Enjoy a hydrating and exfoliating treatment using citrus aromatherapy. Our aromatic steamed towels will make your tension melt away.

35 minutes / $30

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Classic Manicure

Your nails will be picture-perfect and healthy after this beautiful express manicure.

20 minutes / $25

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Additional Manicuring Services

OPI Gel/CND Shellac Polish Manicure: 45 minutes / $45

Men’s Grooming and Sports Manicure: $25

Child Manicure (12 & Under): $15

Polish Change: $12

French Polish Change: $15

Full Set Acrylic: $65

Full Set Gels and Silk: $70

Fills Acrylic: $40

Fills Gel or Silk: $45

Buff & Polish: $15

Acrylic Removal: $25

Nail Repair: $7

French Polish: $5

Hand Paraffin Dip (w/other hand treatment): $5

Gel/Shellac Removal: $25

Gel/Shellac Removal (with choice of manicure): $40

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Express Manicure & Pedicure

The perfect solution for today’s busy schedule! Amenity Day Spa Express Mani/Pedi will have you looking and feeling your best in under an hour! Your nails will be soaked, shaped, buffed and polished pretty while your feet get a little extra care with a swirling aromatic soak and soothing foot massage… You get all the results of a full spa Mani and Pedi but with time to spare before your lunch break is over!

60 minutes / $60

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