Luxury Aromatic Body Treatment

Indulge with a gentle exfoliation and aromatic moisturizing mask in your choice of one of these seasonal scents.

  • Champagne and rose
  • Chocolate
  • Coconut lime
  • Mango
  • Moon light
  • Seasonal pumpkin spice

Wrapped in a blanket to seal in heat, you’ll relax as the mask hydrates and moisturizes your skin, while enjoying a scalp, neck, and foot massage.

Price – $170

Ginger & Lime Shea Butter Sea Salt Glow

This creamy blend of Shea butter, vitamin-enriched body wash, extracts and ultra-fine sea salts will leave your body perfectly polished and hydrated.
Price – $130

Herbology Body Polish

Smooth, exfoliate and hydrate with Chinese herbs that feed the skin with nutrients. Includes a light dry brush exfoliation, warm head-to-toe citrus fruit massage oil application, sprinkling and massage of Chinese herbs, and a light polishing of the skin.
Price – $165


Indian Sunset Mud Wrap

A citrus exfoliation is followed by the application of warm Sedona mud. Wrapped in a blanket to seal in heat, you’ll relax as the clay improves circulation and draws out impurities without dehydrating.
Price – $165

Purifying Warm Algae Body Wrap

Detoxify and re-mineralize your skin with warm, protein rich sea algae. After cleansing and exfoliating, pure micronized algae paste is applied, stimulating circulation and improving elasticity.
Price – $165

Warm Wine Antioxidant Body Wrap And Masque

Our newest body treatment, harnessing the power of the grape. It begins with a brushing of the body to prepare the skin for maximum benefits. A warm wine mask, filled with phytonutrients and anti-oxidents mixed with Champagne oil is then applied to your entire body. You are then wrapped in warm blankets to maximize the skin’s absorption of the mask to remove dead skin cells, deeply hydrate, and help fade sunspots. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while this indulgent mask exfoliates and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.
Price – $170



Water Treatments

Enjoy the many healing properties of water! This warm whirlpool bath is customized to the intensity, rhythm and jet rotation you prefer in a soothing, candlelit room with chilled aromatherapy towels and cool beverage. Choose from the following aromatherapeutic sea salts:

  • Milk & Honey Bath
  • Ginger Lime Bath
  • Rose Petal Bath
Individual – $50
Couple – $75

Earth And Herb Ritual

This new luxury body treatment is a 3-step process towards a rejuvenated you. Includes natural products such as honey and yogurt for a deep exfoliation. Followed by a Hydrotherapy soak utilizing the healing properties of rosemary, sage and agave nectar. We finish with a hydrating oil, using delicate techniques prompting deep relaxation.
Individual – $200
Couples – $410

Couples Bath

This is a great add-on to any other treatment. Enjoy the bath experience together. (Priced for two).
20 Min Treatment
Couples – $75