Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

It’s easy to get caught up in lofty weight loss and wellness goals in the new year. But how much better off would we be if we decided to love, appreciate and pamper ourselves the way that we are? We love these simple beauty and style resolutions that are easy to implement and provide instant results!

  • Take Better Care of Your Skin
    How many times have you fallen asleep with your makeup on? Doing so really does take its toll on your skin. If you can’t commit to a full routine prior to bed, at least consider keeping makeup remover wipes next to your bed in case of emergency.
  • Pare Down Your Wardrobe
    Let’s be real – you probably wear the same 5-10 outfits each week. But think of how much time you spend in front of your closet each morning trying to pick out an outfit. It’s exhausting – and quite frankly, unnecessary. It’s time t get rid of items that don’t fit properly – or that simply don’t make you feel fabulous.
  • Think Long-Term
    If there are steps in your daily beauty routine that take up a lot of time, you might want to consider investing in long-term solutions. The cost of a blowout might seem like a lot of money, but the time and energy saved on not having to straighten your hair each morning may be more than worth it. The same goes for permanent makeup and laser hair removal.
  • Lower Your Expectations
    Yes, really! It’s ok if you’re not camera-ready every time you leave the house. Find a quick, low-maintenance look for you that you feel comfortable and confident in. A fresh face, a simple top-knot or ponytail, and a flattering, yet comfy outfit. Odd are, you’ll feel more beautiful in this confident, low-glam style than with a fully made-up look.